Jeffrey Lurie Honors Andy Reid In Front Of Eagles Employees After Firing (GIF)

Jeffrey Lurie Honors Reid After Firing

Jeffrey Lurie officially fired head coach Andy Reid today after 14 years unquestioned loyalty.  Reid and Lurie regardless of what happened this season have had an amazing relationship, one not to many owners and coaches can imagine having.

Later this morning after the firing, in the comfort of all his employees in the Nova Care cafeteria, Lurie honored Reid in a very classy and personable gesture.

He presented Reid with a ball for being the winningest coach in franchise history, and gave Big Red a moment to speak.

Reid: “Alright. You guys are way too kind. Way too kind. I have a hard time standing before people without a few boos involved. But I’m taking it. I’m taking it all in. These have been the greatest 14 years of my life. My staff is appreciative. These players that have banked on you guys and the great work that you’ve done is phenomenal. Like Jeffrey said, sometimes change is good, and I know Jeffrey does nothing that isn’t the best for the organization. SoI know the next guy that comes in will be phenomenal. And the ultimate goal is a Super Bowl, right? So everybody in this room, I wish you a big on that finger in the near future. Hail to the Eagles, baby! Alright? Thank you.”

Jeffrey Lurie is class personified.  If I was a head coaching candidate, he’s definitely the owner I would want to play for.

GIF courtesy of Crossing Broad

lurie honors reid after firing him


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