Jerry Brown’s Mother Forgives Cowboys Josh Brent For Fatal Accident That Killed Her Son


Many were surprised when Jerry Brown’s family wanted Josh Brent to sit with them during the funeral, but Jerry Brown’s mother Stacey Jackson gives some insight on why she has forgiven Brent.

“[Brent] just knew that I was going to blame him or go off on him or hit him – but no,” Jackson explained. “Jerry would frown down on me if I did that, because that’s not the way I raised him.”

“He wouldn’t want you to blame yourself, because both of y’all didn’t have seat belts,” Jackson said. “It was like a little burden lifted off [Brent.]”

The fact they were neither wearing their seat belts was a detail we didn’t know about previously. I admit sometimes I don’t wear my seat belt all the time, but everyone has to no matter how short of the distance of the trip.


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