Jerry Jones: I don’t know that Jason Garrett has changed the culture In Dallas

has jason garrett changed cowboys culture

Jason Garrett listens to the rumblings about his job security.  Everyday according to the pundits it changes.  One of the big sticking points regarding Garrett is the perception that he has now somehow changed the culture in Dallas all of sudden.

If you ask Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who was on 1o5.3 The Fan, he doesn’t necessarily think Garrett has all of sudden changed everything.

“I don’t know that. It’s positive,” Jones said. “The kinds of things that Jason is about at Valley Ranch, we’ve had success with and a lot of success with. I don’t know that [Jason]Witten is any less the worker he was. I don’t know that [Tony] Romo is any less the worker he was.

“What I want from Jason is Jason to be Jason as a coach. He understands how it feels to win when you’re the Dallas Cowboys. It goes out the stratosphere when you win. He understands that we put a lot on the line and we shoot across the water – we drive across the water – we don’t lay up, and consequently we can look bad. But we’re trying to look very good.”

Garrett and Cowboys fans can look at that statement two ways.  Its Jones basically saying the players here are the same, they just decided to start playing well.

The statement also again be seen as an out for Jones just in case the Cowboys bomb out bad Sunday night and Jones needs a reason to make a change.