Jerry Jones Says Dez Bryant Will Need A Bone Graft To Fix Index Finger

Dez Bryant had four catches for 59 yards and a touchdown yesterday in a huge win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Bryant fought off double teams and pain to labor through when his team needed him most.

ESPN Dallas via Jerry Jones is reporting that Dez Bryant may need a bone graft from his hip to repair his index finger.

“Dez is going to have to have, more than likely, bone taken off of his hip and put into that index finger joint,” Jones said Sunday evening. “This is a fracture, but it’s not a ligament, so make no mistake about it, he has an injury and he has a serious injury relative to his hand. He’s certainly playing with some risk, but he was inspirational out there.”

When advised of his owners comments, Bryant shot that down really quick.

“Well, if he wasn’t kidding, I’m also not playing neither,” Bryant said. “Nobody (is) touching my hip. I’m telling you right now, you can get a piece of bone from somebody else. You’re not touching my hip.”