Jerry Jones Says Dez Will Make Decision On Playing Or Having Surgery On Finger

As we reported last night, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant suffered a serious injury to his index finger Sunday against Cincinnati.

Speculation has been rampant since last night about whether or not Bryant will have surgery or try to play with the injury.

The Star Telegram via 105.3 Fan is reporting that the ultimate decision will be up to Dez according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“Dez will the the ultimate decision-maker as to whether or not he wants to continue to try to play with a lot of protection or whether he should have surgery. The reason for the surgery is because you could have a life-lasting stiffness there.”

Jones said the team is still reviewing all medical options at this point.

“It has not been decided,” Jones said.

Hand specialist have said if Bryant chooses to wait on the surgery, it could have a lasting effect on his finger, leaving it with some stiffness permanently.

Big decision Dez, but the choice is yours.