Jerry Jones Says He Let Emotions Get Best Of Him In Altercation With Jay Ratliff

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits he’s an emotional person, who sometimes says things he later regret.  Recently Jones and Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff got into a heated altercation, in which both gentleman had to be separated.

Jones says he think the world of Ratliff, and according to ESPN Dallas, was on 105.3 The Fan and said he regretted the altercation with Ratliff.

“I’ve let the emotion of the game, the other day, get to us,” Jones said. “But that’s just the way things work sometimes and (Ratliff) wants to win and he wants to do everything he can for the team and that’s the way I want it.”

“We do need him out there,” Jones said. “He’s one of our team leaders. And make no mistake about it he can help us and he’s going to be out there trust me, if he’s got a leg to stand on, if he has that type of attitude.”