Jerry Sandusky looking for Less Harsh Prison Conditions

Sometimes, I wish I were making half the ridiculous stuff I read about up, sadly, this story is all too true.

Convicted child molester and all-out monster, Jerry Sandusky has launched a campaign with his lawyer Karl Rominger to get transferred to a quote “less harsh” prison. Huffington Post reports the following:

Rominger said Sandusky, 68, rates as a Level 2 inmate on a five-level security classification but is being kept under much more severe Level 5 conditions. He said Sandusky is alone in his cell for 23 hours a day during the week and around the clock on weekends.

The main complaint launched by Sandusky’s lawyer is Sandusky’s level-5 inmate rating (5 being the highest and most strict). Rominger is challenging that Sandusky is a level-2 inmate. Rominger added:

“It’s a tough life, Level 5,” Rominger said. “And I know some people in the public will say, `Who cares?’ But the answer is, I thought we believe in equality in America. And while he’s a convicted sex offender in Pennsylvania, he would like to be treated like every other convicted sex offender.”

Post sentencing motions for Sandusky  are set for January 10th and they’ll bring up their argument for lighter prison conditions. From day-one of his sentencing Sandusky has called to be allowed to live in prison’s general population, instead of being in isolation.

Make of this case what you want, but I do think we can all shake our heads at the nerve of this ‘person’ to request better conditions. The fact that his lawyer is taking up for his cause is also ‘smdh’ inducing.

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  • It’s just a lawyer doing his job and getting a big paycheck for the family.

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