Jim Lampley Apologizes For Comparing Marquez’s KO Of Pacquiao To A Tsunami

Last night in Juan Manuel Marquez defeated Manny Pacquiao in shocking fashion, by knocking out his longtime nemesis.  Last after the fight had ended HBO’s legendary broadcast Jim Lampley made a little boo boo in describing how Pacquiao was stopped.

Lampley:  “The tsunami that hit the Philippines was just replicated by Marquez.”

Lampley was referencing a Typhoon named Bopha that ravished the Philippines last Sunday, and has accounted for over 900 people missing since.

Lampley made a brief statement to USA Today where he apologized.

 “last night’s comment was in no way intended to belittle or dismiss the grave severity of the typhoon’s effects or the humanity of the victims. We all know the difference between a boxing match and an event of cataclysmic human suffering. To anyone who was discomfited by the metaphorical comparison I offer my sincere and heartfelt apology. No disrespect was in any way intended.”