Joe Montana Wanted to End Career with Steelers not Chiefs

Joe Montana played most of his career where most players played one team. Outside of your select few, most of your childhood sports heros played in one place. Joe Montana was on track until the 49ERS acquired Steve Young and were grooming him to take the reigns once his skills slipped.

Well when that day came in 1991 that Steve Young started 10 games you could see the writing on the wall that the 49ERS were trying to transition in to the Young era. In 1992 Young started all 16 games and earned NFL MVP honors which prompted Montana to orchestrate a trade that would get him out of San Francisco.

Even after a last ditch effort, the 49ERS told Montana that he would be the starter in the 1993 season, however at that point the damage had been done, and Montana was already committed to leaving and didn’t believe the team was sincere about designating him the starter.

What we didn’t know until Joe Montana mentioned it on the Dan Patrick Show, was that he originally was trying to find a way to get to his hometown team of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Crazy thing is the Steelers told him no, because they had the greatness that is Neil O’Donnel. Let me say that again, NEIL O’DONNEL.

Imagine what the Steelers would’ve looked like with Montana there in 1993, and who’s the genius that turned down having one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the league on their team?

Do you know what the Chiefs gave up for Joe Cool? Their first round pick (18th), thats it. Another forgotten tid bit, the 49ERS were attempting to trade Steve Young to the Chiefs in the off season of 1992 for linebacker Derrick Thomas, but the two teams couldn’t agree on draft pick compensation, so the deal was nixed.

Below you can watch the interview, Steelers comments are at the 3 minute 50 seconds mark.