Joe Vitt Says When You Coach In The NFL, You’re Not Going To Enjoy Christmas

vitt the grinch

Life must be rough as a NFL player or coach, because you are stuck working through two of the biggest celebrated holidays ever, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt put it a little different recently according to, stating that “he’s not waiting for a man with a white beard to come down his chimney.”

“I’m not waiting for anyone with a white beard to come down the chimney and hand us the divisional championship,”Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt said on Tuesday via the Associated Press. “We’ll try to get our coaches out of here tonight a bit early to have some dinner with their family and then spend (Christmas) morning. But listen, we’re getting ready for a game.”

“When you get into this business, you say to yourself, ‘You’re not going to enjoy Thanksgiving. You’re not going to enjoy Christmas. You’re working through those things.’ So I’ll look forward to Easter in the springtime and, I guess, Arbor Day. That’s the nature of our business.”

I’ll take working in the NFL on any day of the week at such a lovely salary.  Enjoy your blessings people.