John Abraham: I Like my Chances of Making the Hall of Fame

Falcons defensive end John Abraham has never suffered from a lack of confidence. In fact, his confidence in himself and his abilities has ultimately led to him ranking 13th on the all-time sack list with 122. A number that he hopes will continue to rise as he keeps playing.

Abraham exudes so much confidence, that he believes as he continues to climb the sack list he will secure a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Per Mike Garafolo of USA Today: “I’m not saying I’m solidified as one, but I definitely have a chance to be if I continue to play the way I’m playing and get a couple of more years out of this raggedy body of mine and put some more numbers up,” Abraham said.

“I’m 13th overall right now [in career sacks] and, if I can play well enough, I can get in the top 10 or top five. That would be nice.”

As an athlete, confidence in yourself and believing you are the best are two things I completely understand and have no problem with. And to be honest, if Abraham continues to climb the sack list, it will be hard to make a case as to why he shouldn’t be in the Hall once he retires.

I don’t know though, is it just me or has Abraham consistently been an afterthought when it comes to the conversation of top pass rushers?

In my eyes, a Hall of Famer completely dominated the position when he played. That might be a stretch when it comes to John Abraham.

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  • NOPE… He ALWAYZ BEEN an After-Thought in regards to THE BEST Pass-Rushers during His NFL Tenure Though (YUP…)

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