John Calipari Switches Free Throw Shooters Without Refs Noticing Against Louisville (Video)



I used the above picture in one of my first posts here at BSO with the title “Cheaters Never Win, Except John Calipari” after he signed a massive contract extension. The backlash I received from Wildcat nation was loud, “He has never been found guilty of any NCAA Violations” was something I heard over and over.

And OJ was found not guilty of killing Ron and Nicole. Splitting Hairs.

Then in yesterday’s big match up between Calipari’s Wildcats and bitter in state rival Louisville Cardinals, Calipari proved my theory that its still cheating even if you don’t get caught.

Late in the first half, Louisville’s Russ Smith fouls Nerlens Noel, a 52% free throw shooter. Noel calmly steps to the line, but turns around as if to get instruction from Coach Cal. Alex Poythress calmly steps to the line and takes the two shots without anybody in the arena noticing.

Here is the video courtesy of The Big Lead.

He did miss one of two, which is what Noel’s 52% shooting would have probably accomplished, as a they went 11 for 23 in the 80-77 loss.

Interesting to see if Calipari faces any discipline for the switch-a-roo.


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