Johnny Manziel Wins AP Player Of The Year Award

Johnny football continues to rack up the post season awards.  One can only wonder if he’ll be in shape for the Cotton Bowl.

ESPN Dallas is reporting that Manziel has been named the AP Player of The Year, the first time a freshman has ever won the award.

Manziel beat out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o for another post season award.

Manziel spoke with the Associated Press about the award.

“I knew I could run the ball, I did it a lot in high school,” Manziel said in an interview with the AP. “It is just something that you don’t get a chance to see in the spring. Quarterbacks aren’t live in the spring. You don’t get to tackle. You don’t get to evade some of the sacks that you would in normal game situations. So I feel like when I was able to avoid getting tackled, it opened some people’s eyes a little bit more.”

“I feel like as the year went on, I just learned the offense more and knew exactly where I wanted to go, instead of maybe evading the blitz and just taking off running for the first down instead of hitting a hot route or throwing it underneath to an open guy and doing things a lot simpler and cleaner.”

If South Eastern Conference defenses don’t figure this guy out, he’s going to drive people crazy for the next three years.