Johnny Manziel’s Older Model Girlfriend Sarah Savage (Photos)


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Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, is now a Texas legend, has the hottest team in football right now, so it’s only appropriate that he has a hot model girlfriend right?

I introduce you to Manziel’s older model girlfriend Sarah Savage.   Ms. Savage is a model, but also holds a bachelor degree in business administration and management and Operations from The University of Texas at san Antonio.

Sarah is currently enrolled at Texas A&M will she will get a BBA next year in Marketing.

I wonder if she’ll help Manziel finally get the rights to his “Johnny Football” trademark.

A Heisman and a hot model in your first year of college football, only if life could be that great for everyone.

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  • You should check your facts. Sarah Savage does not have a Bachelor’s degree from Texas-San Antonio. She spent her freshman year there. She is now an undergrad at Texas A&M and, if she’s older than Johnny Manziel, she’s not more than a few months older, as she is 20.

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