Josh Cribbs to Browns Fans via Twitter: “F*ck All Y’all”

Josh Cribbs

This hasn’t been one of the Cleveland Browns best season, with the announcement of a change in ownership on the first day of training camp everybody was on notice that their job could be in danger.

Josh Cribbs who is in the final year of a contract has been very vocal this year venting his frustration through the media time and time again (i.e. Cribbs complaining about his role in the offense).

This time Cribbs took to twitter to address fans that were criticizing him;

I see all the negativity on twitter after I gave my life to this shit.  So 2 all u who are against me Fuck all y’all! I’m still gonna do me!

Josh Cribbs Tweet telling fans to f&#k off

He attempted to delete the the tweet, but of course, nothing on the internet is able to be completely erased. While his frustration is understandable, fair whether fans antagonize players and media types just for the attention that Josh Cribbs gave them. However when you’re ‘Josh Cribbs’ you can’t do what he did, you have to turn the other cheek. While I understand he intended that message for those who aren’t with the team win, lose or draw, it just doesn’t sound right when you tell any fan to f&*k off. You just can’t do it.

If there was any question if Cribbs would be with the team next year, his antics through the media, his rant on twitter, and his slide in production on special teams due to the new rules, it can be assumed that he won’t be returning back to the Browns next year. With a new owner and CEO in place they’ll probably say they don’t want to deal with a guy who’s constantly talking and being a distraction.


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