Jovan Belcher Told 2nd GF He Would Shoot Kasandra Perkins 2 Months Before Murder


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The police report has been released and it sheds light on a lot of things that were happening before and after the murder of Kasandra Perkins and suicide of Jovan Belcher.

Here is a timeline of that information.

  • Two months before the murder Belcher text his secret girlfriend Brittni Glass (Photos of her) saying he would shoot Kasandra Perkins if she didn’t leave him alone.  Glass thought he was joking at the time.
  • The gun Belcher murdered Perkins with was a .40-caliber handgun
  • Belcher had told Glass in the months before the murder Perkins knew how to press his buttons and make him angry and threatened to take all his money if they ever split up.
  • Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel stated Belcher had to miss a meeting because Perkins was out and Belcher had to watch their daughter.  He also stated he thought Belcher has been in contact with a lawyer about gaining full custody of their daughter.
  • Belcher’s mother Cheryl Shepherd moved in with the couple because they were having relationship issues because of Perkins’ spending habits and they argued a lot about each of them staying out too late partying.
  • Police found 15 gun shots wounds in Perkins.  10 in the front and 5 in the back.

What happened after he shot Perkins is outlined here, but what we can tell from the police report is that this was a troubled relationship for a long period of time.

But with any relationship that are going through tough times, you have to be able to take a step back before you get to your breaking point.  There is no excuse for shooting someone 15 times, Belcher took the coward’s way out.  The Chiefs and his mother were willing to help him do whatever he needed to do to take some of the strain off his relationship.  When someone is offering you a helping hand take it.  If you know you have a temper, don’t have guns in your household.

I am not going to get into a right to bear arms debate, but you know yourself better than anyone else.  If you know someone is capable of driving you to pull the trigger, then don’t have any triggers around.

Because once you pull, there is no turning back.

One thought on “Jovan Belcher Told 2nd GF He Would Shoot Kasandra Perkins 2 Months Before Murder

  • Why would the word of the other woman be accepted. Anyone knows that a man will tell you what he thinks you want to hear when you are the “other” woman. Usually nothing but lies and negative talk about his significant other. This woman believed what Jovan had to say about Kasandra and she bought into it but she is just as guilty as if she pulled the trigger but for her actions he could have cooled off and dealt with his relationship like a man. This all plays into domestic violence issues, gun-control issues, infidelity issues,… Why is Kasandra being made to be the villian like she caused her own death–paternity questioned, financial mistakes, custody issues whatever to put her death on her. SAD!!

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