Jovan Belcher’s Mother Cheryl Shepherd Frantic 911 Call Released (Audio)

This is very difficult to listen to.  I can’t imagine what Jovans Belcher’s mother was going through at the time.  Earlier today we reported on the timeline of events that happened in the hours before Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend Kasandra and followed up with a report that police found Belcher attempting to visit another woman before the fateful shooting.

In the 911 call you can hear Ms. Shepherd speaking to Kasandra Perkins and saying, “Kasi.” “The ambulance is on the way! You hear me? You hear me! Kasandra! Stay with me!”

It appeared Kasandra Perkins was still conscious at the time of the 911 call, but was pronounced dead when she arrived at Centerpoint Medical Center.  One disturbing part of the story is even though Belcher’s mother clearly states someone had been shot the 911 dispatchers did not send the first paramedics as emergency, which means they use lights and sirens.  Hard to say if it would have made a difference, but clearly that was a major error on their part.

The second part of the the 911 call focuses on police and paramedics being summoned to the Chiefs practice facility after Belcher had shot himself in the head.

Once again, this is very difficult to listen to, so I caution you in advance because the description of what happened is very graphic.

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  • What happened to this family is truly sad. But just maybe if the police who first came upon Jovan sleeping in his car would have arrested him and charged him with DUI and impounded his car and released him to the coach, both of them would still be alive.

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