Knicks Tried to Trade Amare Stoudemire to the Entire NBA, But No One Wanted Him

Amar’e says he is ready to dominate the league again, but to say the league has doubts about that would be an understatement.  According to the New York Times the Knicks tried to give Amar’e away for free to anyone in the NBA, but found no takers.

Here are the quotes courtesy of Deadspin.

This past summer, the Knicks offered Stoudemire to nearly every team in the league – “available for free,” as one rival executive put it. But they found no takers because of his diminished production, his health and his contract, which has three years and $65 million remaining (counting this season) and which is uninsured against a career-ending knee injury.

It isn’t that Amare is a bad player, but he is bad fit for the Carmelo led Knicks and his knees are on that Midnight Train to Odenville.  But, at least his pockets are straight.

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