Kobe Bryant Says He Couldn’t Be An NBA Owner, “Would Drive Myself Crazy”

Kobe Bryant has scored 30,000 points and is cruising along towards the final years of a Hall Of Fame career.   Kobe is 16 years in and I can’t envision playing past 18 unless he has a chance to break the all time points mark.

Many wonder with everything he’s accomplished, what doe he have to look forward to after his playing days are over.  Will he ever be a coach, GM, possibly an owner of a NBA franchise.

During an interview on Bloomberg News, Kobe address his brand, his legacy, and why being an owner “would drive him crazy.”

“I don’t know if ownership is really the right thing for me,” Bryant said in a video interview with Bloomberg News. “I’d go crazy. If a player misses a game because he has a broken fingernail, I’d lose my mind. I wouldn’t be able to take it.”

I’m not sure what “Bean” will do when he’s finished.  Maybe continue to be a Nike rep, or an ambassador to the game. I’d definitely be shocked to see him as an analyst or coach.

Team executive, possibly.