Kobe Says He Loves Pau Gasol Like A Brother

Lakers forward Pau Gasol has come under fire the past couple of weeks.

Gasol has struggled to pick up coach Mike D’Antoni’s system, and the pressure is starting to mount.

Gasol is out right now with tendinitis in both knees, and won’t return until he’s healthy.

Then today a report surfaced that stated if Gasol did not pick up D’Antoni’s system, he’d be traded.

I’ve always stated that Kobe Bryant is Gasol’s biggest supporter and I can’t see Gasol being shipped without Beans blessing.

ESPN L.A. is reporting that Kobe is again supporting Gasol, and Mamba loves Gasol like a brother.

“I love Pau like a brother,” Bryant told ESPNLosAngeles.com on Tuesday. “I really do. I want him to dominate like I know he can.”

“I want him to dig in and be determined, not discouraged,” Bryant continued. “We should go to him more on the post because he can dominate from there as he has to the tune of two rings. I’m sure we will adjust and figure out a balance when he comes back healthy.”

“I know his knees have been hurting and that can be frustrating because you can’t do physically what you are used to,” Bryant said Tuesday. “I just don’t want him to sulk about the change of things.”

Again, until I see Gasol traded, I can’t believe it will happen unless Bean signs off on it.