Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend Salty Because He Took a Photo With Some Twodels

Kyrie Irving Groupies

Kyrie should know better considering the situation he had with Miss Hawaii before he got into the league. This is relatively harmless but still hilarious.

According to Jocks and Stiletto Jill, Uncle Drew was getting his Holiday Club on with a couple of groupies, when one of the girls took his phone and uploaded the pic to Instagram.

Kyrie realizing he was in trouble started backpedaling faster than Carmelo when Nate Robinson was about to throw Paws at him….

Kyrie Irving Groupies 2

The reason he was trying to clean it up was because his girlfriend was watching.

She was not pleased.

Kyrie Iriving Girlfriend

Kyrie’s girlfriend is cutie.


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My advice to Kyrie is don’t get married too soon.  You are young and should be able to hug a couple of groupies without having to apologize to anyone.

There is nothing wrong with hugging women at the club, just make sure no sex tapes are released.

6 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend Salty Because He Took a Photo With Some Twodels

  • lmao His gf is a random white girl who wouldn’t want him if he wasn’t an nba player and didn’t have money. Atleast that stripper and wnba player have their own money lol. and Kyrie is a fucking uncle tom. “oh im so appaulled!” I actually thought he was cool for once.

    • How is he an uncle tom dumbass?

  • I agree with Red. Uncle Tom??? What a racist dickhead!

  • Right, and if he was with a “sista” she would be with him for him. Angry black women, get a life. Happy Holidays

  • Uncle Tom? Wait what?, Rob Parker is that you??

    Anyway. Babygirl better realize that she’s not the only girlfriend.

  • He shouldn’t have apologized for a damn thing cause he did nothing wrong….so he took a pic with a couple of ladies in a club..who the [email protected]#$% cares…he didn’t get caught with his pants down..he should have told his girl to STFU and have a Coke & a smile….

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