Lamar Odom Blows A Layup in Hilarious Fashion (Video)

It has been a really tough stretch for Lamar Odom. People call him Lamar Kardashian now (or Lamardashian for short) Everybody thinks his downward spiral began when he left the Bosom of Bean, but it in fact started when he was traded away from Dwyane Wade. Kobe was just a really good rebound that distracted him from his pain.

He drowned himself is sour patch kids and Khloe Kardashian. He had a disastrous season in Dallas after he got his feelings hurt when Los Angeles traded him to New Orleans in a deal nixed for Basketball Reasons. Now a fresh start back in the other L.A. has been marred by a slow start and an expanding waistline. (He even forgot which LA team he plays for in a team promo.)

Then tonight, on national television against his most recent former team, he was on a fast break (fast for him at least) when this happened.

Thats what happens when you play with bacon grease on your fingers.

I wonder if Odom was possibly thinking about Kim Kardashian Playboy pics when he did this.


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