Lebron James Rides Bike To Games

Can you imagine passing the NBA MVP in your car while on his bike?  You’d probably think that could NEVER happen. Well, think again…

For a while now Lebron James, arguably one of the biggest names in sports, has been riding his bike to home basketball games.

James even spoke of how he went without a car all day last Saturday.

“The last game (against Washington),” James told Tomasson. “All day. I went without a car all day. To shootaround. After shootaround. To the game. And (home).”

“People try to stop me, but I’ll be in my zone.”

Concerning??? I think it would be, and teammate Dwayne Wade acknowledged this.

“The other night, everybody was a little worried, but he’s a grown man so it’s fine”

I think this is GREAT!!!  Kudos to Lebron for not letting his celebrity stop him from doing what he enjoys.

Plus, I’m sure it’s a great way to reflect and wind down before and after games while reducing his carbon footprint. 

I see a bike endorsement in his future…smart man.