LeBron James Says It’s Not His Job To Lead The League In Scoring

LeBron James is the epitome of efficiency right now in the NBA, and with being so good comes expectations for more.  People want James to rebound, lead the league in assist, and most importantly they get confused at why he doesn’t lead the league in scoring.

James recently sat down with ESPN’s Heat Index, and according to James he had his time leading the league in scoring, his job right now is not to lead the NBA in scoring.

“If I wanted to, I could lead the league in scoring, but that’s not my job here,” James said.

“My job is to do a lot of everything — rebounding, passing and defending so that takes away from my scoring. I’ve done (the scoring title) before. I’m capable of doing it, but my game sometimes doesn’t allow me to have those big nights.”

Heat coach Eric Spoelstra thinks James could average 37 points a game if he really wanted to.  James is aware of his statistics and his amazing efficiency.

“I’m shooting 54 percent from the field right now, so if I shoot 54 percent at 25 shots a game? Pff, that’s like … doing my math … that’s 27 points right there. That’s without shooting free throws and shooting 42 percent from the 3-point line.”