LeBron Meets Boy Hood Idol Ric Flair, Says He Originated “SWAG”

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats

Miami Heat forward LeBron James is cruising along at another MVP like pace, and doing a lot of impressive things this season.

LeBron was recently impressed and had a childhood dreamed realized recently, but not the type you think it is.  James was a big wrestling fan growing up, and also wanted to be like the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

James had that childhood wish realized Wednesday night when he was able to meet and hang out with Flair before and after the Heat beat the Charlotte Bobcats according to the Post Game. 

James reportedly came away very impressed with the meeting.

“When I was a kid, I loved wrestling,” James said. “He was one of the guys I loved, too. I think he’s one of the creators of what we call swag these days with the Rolexes and the stretch limos and all the girls and all that stuff. He’s one of the creators of swag.”

Who said dreams and wishes can’t come true.  And now a video for our BSO boss who is a bit under the weather.