LeSean McCoy Says Andy Reid Is A Top 5 Coach, Players Let Him Down

The Andy Reid era in Philadelphia is set to end in about two weeks if you agree with reports.   Reid has done some great things in this city for 14 years, and according to Daily News, LeSean McCoy is not pleased to see his coach to take all the blame for something the players had control over.

“If you sat here and tried to name 5 to 8 coaches that’s better than coach Reid, I would like to hear it,” McCoy said. “Coach Reid’s a good coach. He gets blamed for everything. Sometimes you break down the film, break down the plays and the mistakes, how do you fault the coach for that?”

“I guess people have their own opinions, their minds are made up. The thing about the team is, we know how good a coach he really is,” McCoy said. “Whatever happens happens, but I’m behind coach Reid 110 percent. It’s the players he’s brought here together to play, they weren’t a good enough group … I don’t think he should get blamed for the turnovers they caused or the blown (coverages).”

Offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg said Reid has “Hall of Fame numbers.”

Andy Reid has no worries, he can have a job tomorrow if he wants one.