Leslie Frazier Says There’s No Doubt Adrian Peterson Is The MVP

The Minnesota Vikings are currently 8-6 and in the hunt for a playoff spot.  A huge reason for that is the comeback of running back Adrian Peterson from an ACL tear last season.

Peterson currently leads the league in rushing with 1,812 and is barreling his way towards 2,106.  Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier was on Pro Football Talk last night, and he says there’s “no doubt Peterson is the MVP.”

“No doubt,” Frazier told Erik Kuselias as to whether Peterson should be named the NFL Most Valuable Player.  “When you take a look at our season and the way its gone, we wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in right now without Adrian Peterson.  It’s not like he has a lot of pieces around him to help him get what he’s been able to accomplish.”

Frazier was asked where the Vikings would be without Peterson.

“I’d like to believe we try figure out a way to get some wins here and there but I like to know the fact that we do have Adrian,” Frazier said.  “That’s what I want to live in, the reality of the fact that we do have him and we’re 8-6 in large part due to having Adrian Peterson on our team.”