Little Kid Dances Gangnam Style & The Dougie With Bucs Cheerleaders (Video)


I know a few people were saying that the kid shouldn’t be dancing with the cheerleaders because he is a boy.  Ease up, he is just a little kid having fun.

The Little Homie might end up on the Step Up 17 movie in 15 years.

Let kids be kids, it wasn’t like he had on a cheerleading uniform. Have a Capri Sun and chill.

H/T SI Hot Clicks


  1. Preach Rob, First thing ppl gonna say he’s going to be %^&. STFU already.When I was younger I didn’t go out with boys who couldn’t dance!!! Trust and believe, none of them turned out %&*! As Ms. Jill would say “:: giggles!!!”

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