Lomas Brown Says He Regrets Letting Scott Mitchell Get Injured

Lomas regrets getting mitchell hurt

Lomas Brown went on ESPN radio and ran his mouth, assuming people would think it was funny or cool.  Lomas Brown obviously forgot code of team sports and regardless of how bad the Lions used to be or Scott Mitchell was, you don’t purposely get a teammate hurt.  

Yesterday Mitchell appeared on the Dan Patrick Show with Mike Florio, and blasted Brown, saying he though Lomas was “his friend,” and called Brown “reprehensible.”

Today Brown doesn’t think it so hilarious, and says he “regrets letting Mitchell get injured.”

“That was 1994, and I was extremely frustrated with the situation that was going on,” Brown said, via Pro Football Talk. “And, you know, I didn’t try to get the guy hurt, but that’s what ended up happening.”

“Do I regret it happened? Yeah, I regret it happened. Did I regret it happened then? No, I didn’t regret it then,” Brown said, later adding that he estimates he played 18,000 plays in his football career and, “It’s one play out of the 18,000 that I regret.”

“I should have been more tactful about how I said that,” Brown said. “It came off boastful. And I shouldn’t have said it that way. I said it, I can’t take it back, but I shouldn’t have said it the way I said it.”

As I said yesterday, Lomas now comes off like a clown.  You may not like or respect a teammate, but you give your all for team.

What Lomas admitted to was reprehensible, and I truly don’t understand how he could have thought that was going to be  accepted by the masses.

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