Man Shot in The Head, Crashes Car When Thugs Try to Steal His Air Jordans

I simply don’t understand why this keeps happening. Air Jordans as nice sneakers, but why do you have to shoot someone over them?

Two guys had just purchased the Air Jordan Retro 11 Breds at a mall in Houston when they were approached by two men who tried to rob them.

One man fled on foot and got away. The 2nd man tried to drive away, but the robber pursued him. They shot into the car striking the man in the head and forcing him to crash into a home.

He is in critical condition and luckily no one was injured at the home when he crashed into it. Sneakers are not that important to commit crimes over, but be aware when you do buy them there are sick individuals who will try do harm to you, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.