Melo Says The Knicks Need Amar’e

melo says knicks need amar'e

Amar’e Stoudemire is hours from rejoining his Knicks teammates in the lineup.  As we pointed out earlier today, Amar’e probably will spend the remainder of the season as the Knicks 6th man. 

People will continuously speculate whether or not Amar’e and Carmelo Anthony can coexist.  As Anthony tells Yahoo Sports Marc Spears, it doesn’t matter, because “the Knicks need Amar’e.”

“We need him,” Anthony told Yahoo! Sports after the Knicks’ 106-105 loss to the Sacramento Kings. “I know we are playing well, but the more bodies, the better, especially at this point where guys are doing well. …We are ready for him.”

Knicks forward Marcus Camby says the Talk about Stat and Melo not being able to coexist is laughable.

Stoudemire “is hungrier than anything because he keeps hearing that he and ‘Melo can’t coexist on the basketball court,” Camby said. “You have to give a guy like Amar’e a lot of credit because during that free agent period [in 2010] he was the only one that wanted to take a lot of responsibility and play under a microscope. Just how he handled things once ‘Melo decided to come here … there has been no ego from what I have has seen. He wants to prove a lot of people wrong on the aspect that they can’t coexist.”