Merril Hoge On Tebow: He’s As Phony As A Three Dollar Bill (Video)

merril hodge says tebow is phony

Well ESPN had claimed to thumbing down the Tebow talk and rhetoric, but it was full go ahead on Tebow this morning.

According to USA Today, during this mornings SportsCenter NFL analyst went Merril Hodge went on a furious negative Tebow rant that was highlighted by Hodge saying “Tebow’s as phony as a three-dollar bill” and that the New York Jets didn’t realize “how bad Tim Tebow was” when they traded for him.

Quarterback guru tried to defend Tebow, but Hodge was having none of that.

“He is not going to win for the Jacksonville Jaguars. All he will do is set the franchise back further if that is a possible feat,” Hoge said. “This organization is down as far as you can get. The last person they need is a guy like this now that we’re starting to see his true colors.”

In what little defense I have for Tebow I can understand he feels like the Jets jerked him around all season.  Still as a teammate who proclaims he’ll do whatever to help the team win, Tebow should have just went into the game.  Not sure how long it will take for Tim to live this down.

No word yet on whether or not Skip Bayless confronted Hodge in the back of the studio.

5 thoughts on “Merril Hoge On Tebow: He’s As Phony As A Three Dollar Bill (Video)

  • With all due respect the rumor that Tebow asked not to go in for Wildcat sets was from an anonymous source. Meaning I give it 0% credibility as a reader. I don’t feel you should even be assuming he made that request. By saying “he should have just went into the game” leads me to believe you are taking that anonymous source for their word.

  • Never before have I heard such mean spirited and vitriolic commentary and on Christmas Eve day, no less. You could see Hoge just waiting to dump on Tebow. ESPN needs to give him some time on the beach. Hoge, your analytical views have become so biased, that they are without merit. Hoge has had too many concussions, that is crystal clear.

  • please!1 Being a lifelong steeler fan I can say I hate Merril Hoge. I have always hated him and for him to call T.T phony is rediculous and he should be rediculed. Furst off everytime it’s the jets its always a “unanimous source so how does he ever know its true? This guys sounds like he has a personal hatred for tim tebow who never did anything to his whack no rin having ass

  • Merrill Hodge is a jackass. I get a Craig James vibe from him. While Tebow isnt a prototypical QB in the NFL, the man can win ball games its obvious the Jets fanbase need a boost and Tebow would be that guy. I like Tim and you cannot help but pull for the homie.

  • This website is racist. You are only contiuing to build walls between races with shit like this.


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