Michael Lombardi has a LinkedIn Page Touting his NFL Experience

Michael Lombardi

While there has been much fuss in Cleveland in Newspapers and on Radio about the perspective of Michael Lombardi returning to Cleveland and working for the Browns under the new regime of Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam III, I stumbled upon Lombardi’s LinkedIn page.

Here’s a snippet below;


Negotiations, motivational speaking, teaching, leadership development, NFL football, research & analysis, reporting, writing, media talent. ( You can view his full profile here Micheal Lombardi)

While many fear that Lombardi is unqualified for the job and doesn’t deserve to be a person responsible for picking players for an NFL team, I pose this argument. How many jobs have you had where you failed or didn’t perform your best, should you have been banned and not given another opportunity to prove that you’ve learned from your mistakes? Is it impossible for one to grow and improve from a role they haven’t had in 5 years?

I just don’t think we should completely write him off, solely based on his past failures, we’ve all failed, but it was in another opportunity that we were able to show that we’ve learned from the mishaps of the past.

What should trouble people is the fact that, in almost every NFL job he’s had, his role is not completely defined. So any preferred failures that could fall on his shoulders he could pass them off to someone else. What I think the conversation should be is, what is Lombardi’s specialty. Is he a scout, general manager, a salary cap guru? I couldn’t tell you, and I don’t think any one else can either.

The vibe I get from him and his past work is, he’s the handy man of the NFL front office. He can do a little bit of everything with no particular specialty. He’s good with numbers, he can help scout players if you give him a guide of what you’re looking for. What seems to be his best quality is he is a very good communicator, he’s been hired by several networks and magazines and was hired as president of a publication.

Rumors are just that, rumors. I think we get so caught up in the excitement or dreadfulness of a story that we forget that its just a ‘rumor’. Who knows, he could come here, take all that he’s learned and blossom into a great ‘insert job title here’. He could also flame out and be terrible at the job like the last 3 regimes, who knows. But can we at least wait until the man if formally being interviewed before we get scared and shook that he’s coming to town.

H/T JbSmooth84.com