Mike Tyson says he Once walked in on Robin Givens and Brad Pitt having Sex



Mike Tyson has become almost as famous for his weird and very random rants just as much as he is for his boxing.

Tyson was giving an interview for Graham Besinger of Yahoo! Sports when he opened up about a very surprise encounter with his then wife Robin Givens and actor Brad Pitt.

“I was doing a divorce but I—we—every day, before I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig and stealing, I would go to…her house to have sex with her. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. And I guess Brad got there earlier than I did.

Tyson then went on to say:

“I was mad as hell. I was going to…you should have saw his face when he saw me,”

You can always rely on Mike tell the most entertaining of stories, and unlike most of his other ones this one does have evidence. Pitt and Givens did date in the early 90’s. Personally, I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall when Tyson walked in on the action just to see Pitt’s facial expression when Mike Tyson caught him smashing his wife…separated or not. Classic Tyson.


  1. The homie Brad Pitt has done good. Smashing Robin Givens, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie. Thats quite the trifecta

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