Mike Vick Says He is The Original RG3

Mike Vick RG3

Michael Vick is right and wrong at the same damn time.

Vick was an athletic freak of nature when he came into the NFL. There has always been athletic quarterbacks in the NFL, but none who ran like Deion Sanders in the open field.

It use to be taboo for a quarterback to run too much, but Vick was a trendsetter in the fact that now you see offenses being tailor made to take advantage of Quarterbacks with speed. Doesn’t matter if it RG3 or Aaron Rodgers, when there is an opportunity to run, there is no hesitation.

In that regard this quote from Vick makes sense.

“I’m a big RGIII fan,” Vick told USA Today . “He reminds me of what I do. I’m the originator of everything that’s transpired in the league with the style of quarterback. It makes it gratifying to me.”

While Vick may have changed the way teams thought about quarterbacks who could run, the guys of today have upgraded the model.

It is like the movie Terminator 2, Vick is the old Arnold Schwarzenegger T-101 model while RG3 and the others are the T-1000.

RG3 is what we would always hoped Michael Vick would become, but never did.

Might as well call Vick “Jaz-O”.


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  • How about Randal Cunningham and even Donavan McNabb (eventhough he stopped runnin towards the end of his career).

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