NBA YouTube Channel Celebrates 1 Billion Views With AI Talking on Shaq’s Shoe Phone (video)



I’d like to think that David Stern, commissioner of the NBA used to watch ‘Pinky and the Brain’ on the WB channel.  Because just like Pinky, his daily objective is to ‘take over the world.’ Whatever the NBA mantra is, it’s working.  The NBA is a marketing machine that never takes a day off. While they may never surpass the NFL  as the most popular sport in America, it’s way ahead of them in international popularity.

The NBA marketing machine took time to celebrate a milestone the other day.  Their official YouTube channel hit one billion views and created a video montage of some highlights over the years.  The highlights include LeBron James with full head of hair, some ‘Linsainty’ and even at the 2:07 mark shows Shaq handing Allen Iverson a Reebok shoe phone(classic!).