Nebraska Recruit Marcus McWilson: I have To Listen To Justin Bieber Before Games

As athletes we all have our superstitions that we  use to get prepared to play ball games.  In college I would get up, shave my head, iron my socks,and wear the same pair of underwear every Saturday before games.

This superstition reported by USA Today takes the cake.

Nebraska commit Marcus McWilson is regarded as one of the best defensive back prospects in the country.  The hard-hitting safety combines size, amazing speed, and skill all into one impressive package.

During a recent interview he discussed his pregame ritual, and I can guarantee he’ll ever intimidate another ball carrier after they read this.

 “OK, I’ll just admit it; I have to listen to Justin Bieber before I hit the field before a game,” McWilson explained. “That’s right, I said it. I listen to his song ‘Baby’ and I love it. I know I’ll get a lot of flack over this, but that’s just my thing. I’ve gotta do it. I just don’t feel right if I don’t hear it before the game.”

McWilson was asked by the USA Today reporter if there was a particular reason why.

“I just love the song,” he said. “I know most of my teammates like the hard rock and rap songs, but I just like to mellow out before I play. It’s more relaxing and that makes me more loose. I play better when I hear Bieber. That’s just how it is.”

I can picture McWilson now with his red Beat By Dre headphones blasting Bieber while his teammates stare on in disbelief.

Hey whatever helps you perform right.

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