NFL Accused DeAngelo Hall Of Threatening To Kill Ref During Week 8 Verbal Altercation

DeAngelo Hall was ejected from a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 8 for arguing and disrespecting a referee.  

Hall was kicked out the game and fined $30,000.  The Washington Post is reporting that Hall revealed this week that the NFL accused him of threatening to kill the referee he got into a verbal spat with.

Hall stated that the alleged threat against head linesman Dana McKenzie led to his ejection. The threat has not been previously discussed.

“Yeah, he said that’s what threw the flag for the ejection,” Hall said. “And so, you know, that didn’t happen. That should have never happened, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. There’s just a lot of things that are unresolved with that case that have to be resolved.”

“Any time you’ve got one person that’s the judge, jury and executioner — he makes the fine, then he hears the appeal, then he decides the amount — it’s just tough. It’s just tough,” Hall said. In that regard, he added, “the CBA [collective bargaining agreement between the league and players’ union] we agreed on probably wasn’t in the best interests of the players, from my viewpoint.”

Hall said he may sue for defamation of character.

“I’ll just consult with my agent and just really try to figure out what I can do,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ve waived my right because I’ve [participated in] an appeal already. But like I told him, if I had to do it all over again or in the future, I will seek outside counsel like the Adderall guys in Seattle or the whole Saints bounty case…. I’m not saying they’re not doing their jobs, the PA [Players Association] lawyers. But I want somebody that’s going to go above and beyond. Maybe they hear so many cases, they can’t spend the kind of time I want or need. So I’ll pay somebody that can.”