NYC Club played Kanye West songs any time Kris Humphries tried to talk to Girls


Brooklyn Nets Forward Kris Humphries just can’t get a break.

Apparently, even when hanging out on the town and trying to pick up women he can’t get away from his ex-wife’s new beau Kanye West.

After being blown out by the New York Knicks, Humphries went out on the town and into some clubs attempting to score a few digits to salvage the night.

If the club DJ’s had it their way though, Humphries was going to get no love.

Per the  New York Daily News’ Confidential:”He was trying to talk to every girl in there and was getting turned down by every girl he spoke to,” an eyewitness said.

Reportedly the DJ’s then piled on the Kanye tracks and at one point Humphries had had enough.

He took a bottle of Patron that he didn’t pay for, put it in front of his crotch and dumped the entire thing on the floor, because he was wasted and tired of Kanye songs,” said the witness.  “Not only was he acting like he was peeing the bottle out, he insisted on staying.”

Stay classy, Humphries.

He is still married to Kim Kardashian by the way.


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