Pacman Jones Says He Isn’t a Cowboys Fan and Doesn’t Like Dallas For Being Fake

Very quietly Pacman Jones or Adam as he likes to be called now, has carved out a nice role for himself with the Bengals. More importantly than that he has stayed out of trouble.

Many assumed he would have been gone from the NFL by now, but considering the problems he had at the beginning of his career it is a minor miracle he is still an active player in the league.

The Bengals are visiting the Cowboys this weekend in a game both teams desperately need and Pacman had some thoughts on America’s Team. Pro Football Zone has the quotes.

“I want the game more because we need it. I don’t want Dallas to win any game. I’m not a Dallas fan. I’m not cheering for no one. That’s just how it is.”

Added Jones later: “In Dallas a lot of (stuff) is fairy tale I should say. It’s not real life. They don’t tell you how it really is.”

Basically, he is saying some of the allure of being on the Cowboys is an illusion unless you hit up Privae with Dez Bryant then it is real.

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