Patrick Peterson Thinks He’s The Best CB In Football, Megatron 2nd Best WR

Defensive backs in the NFL have enjoyed using the week that they play the Detroit Lions to try to make a name for themselves.

Both Richard Sherman and Traymon Williams used their matchups with Calvin Johnson to try to give themselves the Optimus Prime monitor and describing their intent to shut down “Megatron,”

This week another team, and another combatant.   Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is a skilled, confident defensive back who gets praise weekly for being one of top corners in the league.

Peterson has taken it a step further according to the Detroit Free Press, claiming to be the NFL’s top corner.

“I think I am the best cornerback in the league right now,” Peterson told Detroit reporters in a conference call today. “I think I’m doing everything that I need to do to keep my name in consideration of the best cornerback.”

“Hey, no, I don’t want an island,” Peterson said. “I call myself P2 Nation, so I think it’ll be Patrick’s Nation.”

“I would like to go one-on-one as much as I can,” Peterson said.

Peterson says the only individual matchup better than the one you’ll see on Sunday against Johnson, happens daily in his battles with Larry Fitzgerald.

Peterson also shared the thought that Megatron is not the best wide receiver in the NFL.  That distinction goes to Larry Fitzgerald as well.

“He’s second in my book behind Larry,” Peterson said. “But he’s doing great things for the Detroit Lions team, and he’s definitely making big plays for those guys as well.”

“I just think going against him each and every play is definitely going to get me notoriety as being one of the best corners in the game,” he said, “especially if I do what I need to do Sunday.”

It’s amazing all these defensive backs who don’t think Johnson is the top wide receiver in the game, or feel they can shut him down.

Johnson has 1,546 yards and is 303 yards away from breaking Jerry Rice’s single-season NFL record of 1,848 yards.