Patriots on Texans Letterman Jackets: “They’re Cute, They Look Like High School Swim Team”

The Texans made a huge mistake in hyping up their match-up with Patriots as the biggest game in their franchise history. I equate it to when someone goes to Vegas for the first time and they have heard all the legendary stories and watched the Hangover 100 times, so they think it is going to be extra awesome. The brag to their co-workers at Dennys how it is going to be the greatest trip of all time.

Then they come home without their rent money after losing it all on blackjack and an overpriced hooker.

Those are your Houston Texans ladies and gentlemen.

CBS Sports Mike Freeman talked to a Patriots player about the Letterman Jackets the Texans had made before the game to show how big and bad of a football team they were.

“They look cute,” the Patriots player said of the Texans in their jackets. “They look like a high school swim team.”

Texans Bradie James echoed my sentiments about how the Texans put too much stock into the game.

“I think we put too much emphasis on this being a huge game and not doing our approach,” said Houston linebacker Brady James. “Sometimes guys get a little tight and things get out of hand.”

The Texans chocked, but all is not lost. If they can secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs they may see the Patriots again and maybe their Vegas luck will be better the 2nd time around.

I know what will cheer the Texans up.