Pete Carroll Feels Bad About Seahawks Running Fake Punt Up 30


The Seattle Seahawks have been rolling the past few weeks, with blowout wins against the Cardinals and the Bills.  While up 30 on the Bills yesterday, Carroll and the Seahawks successfully ran a fake punt.

Accusations of disrespect and running up the score are sure to come, and according to, Carroll regrets and apologizes for running that play.

“I feel bad about this,” Carroll said. “It was part of our game plan, it was something I could have called off, and I didn’t. It’s unfortunate that it comes across like there’s something wrong there. That’s my fault, totally, for not stopping it from happening … in the sense that it looked bad.”

I can’t be mad at Carroll for teaching his team to have confidence and blow people out, but he has to remember he to can be on the end of such a beating.

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  1. I have never liked this guy going back to his days at USC! He bolted there when he knew the sanctions were coming down, and despite his renewed success in Seattle, it was classless to fake a punt up 30 points and now he wants to apologize? Well, what goes around comes around, and some day, it will be coming around his way. At least he admitted he made a mistake! What about all the other ones you have made Pete?

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