Peyton Manning: Broncos Success Begins with Jacob Tamme

The Denver Broncos are on a 10 game winning streak and are riding high heading into the playoffs.

If you took a poll and asked what is the key to the Broncos success, I’m sure quarterback Peyton Manning would win in a landslide. Manning’s ability to command an offense is almost unmatched around the league, and it has translated to many wins for the Broncos.

However, if you ask Peyton Manning himself who the key to the Broncos is his answer may just surprise you.

Per Denver Post: “So much for us, in what we do, is how do they play (Jacob) Tamme,” Manning said. “Some teams treat him like a receiver and some teams treat him like a tight end, so you kind of find that out, see how they handle him in the formation. He kind of makes them, the way he plays and how he plays, have that discussion and we see where that takes us.”

Tamme is essentially a slot guy, I guess that’s how I look at him,” Manning said. “But he’s bigger than a lot of receivers and he runs good routes, catches the ball. So, defenses have to have that discussion about how to handle him.”

Tamme is certainly an intricate part to what the Broncos want to do on offense.

And if Peyton says he plays a key role, I’m pretty much inclined to believe him.