Photo: Chiefs Leave Jovan Belcher’s Jersey Hanging in Locker Even After He Shot GF 9 Times


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The Chiefs did not publicly memorialize Jovan Belcher but they did leave his locker unchanged, which was a way of honoring him.

In my opinion this is wrong.

We now have more details on what happened before Belcher committed suicide and the most disturbing thing is he shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins nine times in front of his mother with his 3 month old daughter in the home.

I understand that many have had positive experiences with Belcher, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a murderer and a coward who left his child an orphan.

There is nothing that should be celebrated about that. I feel sympathy for his family and friends, but you can not ignore this was a cold blooded vicious murder and Kasandra Perkins didn’t deserve to lose her life like this.

Photos showed Belcher and Perkins as a happy couple, but information is coming out that simply wasn’t the case.

In a phone interview Sunday, Angela Perkins, 32, who said she is the victim’s cousin, said Belcher and Perkins who she called Kasi had “been having a lot of problems. They weren’t getting along for quite a while.”

“There was just a lot going on. She was stressed. He was stressed,” said Perkins. Arguing was “a regular thing. It just started to go bad, but they had the child, and they were trying to make it work.”

“He didn’t want her going out with the baby at home,” said Diggs, who said she had attended the Trey Songz concert Friday night with Perkins.

Diggs said Perkins had expressed concern about Belcher’s mental state. “She knew something was off with him,” she said, adding that Perkins had talked of it at a restaurant after the show.

“She went out to take a break. She was dealing with a lot,” Diggs said of Perkins’ desire to go to the concert. “I can’t believe he did this to her. Tell people how good she was. She was special.”

Going to a Trey Songz concert and hanging out with your friends shouldn’t lead to murder. There was something evil inside of Belcher, because those type of arguments happen all the time between couples and never lead to violence.

A lot of members of Belcher’s family are saying that no one knew what was happening in their relationship besides them and not to prejudge.  A “friend” of Belcher wrote to Deadspin to paint. Ms. Perkins in a negative light.  The friend claims she threatening to take their daughter from him and take him to court for child support.

When the friend was asked what he thought caused the tragic event they said.

I would say a combination of alcohol, concussions, and prescription drugs put him in a state that he would not otherwise be in.

Frankly that is a weak excuse and it ignores a hard core fact.

No argument should end with someone getting shot nine times. It is that simple, unless his life was in danger which it appears it wasn’t. Belcher had no excuse and he knew this which is why he took his own life.  I don’t care if everything the “friend” is saying is true, a lot of people have alcohol, concussion and drug problems and they don’t shoot the mother of their children 9 times with their own mother in the room. I am going to judge him because he is a murderer who didn’t think about his child and wasn’t man enough to take responsibility for his actions.

The Chiefs need to take that jersey down, murderers should not be honored. If the Chiefs want to honor someone put a portrait up of Kasandra Perkins the real victim.

5 thoughts on “Photo: Chiefs Leave Jovan Belcher’s Jersey Hanging in Locker Even After He Shot GF 9 Times

  • Well said!

  • You saying that they should put up the jersey of the “real victim” implies that the Chiefs are putting up his jersey because he was the victim, they know he was not the victim. They put his jersey up because he was their friend and their brother, if my brother killed his wife, I would still have a picture of him in my room, because I love him, not because I thought he was a victim. I am not condoning what he did in any way, I am saying that how the Chiefs choose to celebrate him, is not wrong.

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