Photos of Jovan Belcher’s 2nd GF Brittni Glass; Video of Police Joking About His Two GFs

Hindsight is 20/20.

The police had no way of knowing that just hours after they encountered Jovan Belcher asleep in his car outside of his 2nd girlfriend Brittni Glass’ (photos above) house, that he would murder the mother of his child Kasandra Perkins.

The dashboard cam has been released courtesy of KCTV5 along with some of the conversation between police and Belcher.  Here is an overview of that.

“Your car is running and you are passed out inside of it,” an officer told Belcher.

“You live right here? You just need to go upstairs. Okay? That’s going to be your best bet,” one of the officers says to Belcher.

“You know you got a lot riding on it,” an officer tells Belcher. “You know you’ve got a lot to lose, right?”

“We’re trying to cut you a break here,” one of the officers told Belcher during the welfare check.

offices early Saturday emphasized to Belcher that he should not be driving and they were glad he didn’t flee the scene.

“I appreciate you not putting this thing in drive and taking off,” one officer says.

In talking to the officers, Belcher emphasized that he was not driving the vehicle when he was found. Officers told him to go upstairs to his “girl” and stay for the night. Belcher also spoke about having a second girlfriend, which officers joked with him about.

“Y’all don’t understand that. I got a deal with another girl, man,” Belcher said.

One officer joked with Belcher that it would take him three years to earn enough pay equal to the value of Belcher’s Bentley. Officers also joked about how they didn’t want to be pursuing the Bentley in their police patrol cars and one officer said he would “take a class real quick” on YouTube about operating the Bentley. Officers said they would take care of rolling up the passenger window.

At the end of the exchange, Belcher expresses his gratitude to the officers.

“Thank you. I appreciate it. I really do. You boys have a good one,” Belcher said.

One of the departing officer replies, “See you later, dude.”

After staying with Ms. Glass for the night, Belcher commits the unspeakable act of murdering his Kasandra Perkins.  The video below are police responding to the 911 call from the Chiefs facility after Belcher confronts GM Scott Pioli in the parking lot.

As more details come out about this tragedy the more messy it becomes.  We may never know what caused Belcher who when confronted by police seemed calm and in control to snap and destroy so many lives including his own daughter’s Zoey.

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  • Geez what a sad set of events. Her life is over, his life is over because of an argument?? I feel sorry for their baby.

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