Pilar Sanders Says Part of Her Prenuptial Agreement Was Forged; Wants Annulment

Pilar Sanders Workout

Pilar did a very long interview with CherryonTop.com that goes over a lot of the stuff we have been talking about for over a year now.

From Deion’s alleged affair with a 19 year old, the fight at their residence, child support and custody battles.  No need to go over all that again, but one new piece of information sheds light on why she feels her prenuptial agreement should be voided and her marriage annulled.

She accuses Deion  and his attorneys of forging some of the documents.

Your attorney is trying to have your marriage annulled. That’s very unusual for a marriage that’s lasted 14 years. Typically, people who’ve been married a short length time seek out annulments, and they’re usually given for reasons such as fraud and concealment. What reason applies to your situation?

PS: Everything that you just mentioned. It’ll definitely be out; it’s already been out in a courtroom so
it’s not a secret, but the document was something his attorneys drew up.

And that’s the prenup you’re referring to, right?

PS: Absolutely. His attorneys drew that up.

The prenup gives you one million dollars and a $100,000, or something like that? [publicist adds ‘signing bonus’, as it’s being reported in the media]

PS: No, it’s not even any of that. They thought they would make a joke out of it and label it as such, but no. We don’t even need to really go into that because it’s really not valid. It’s not a valid agreement number one. However, if by some stretch of the imagination you want to deem it valid, okay, it’s valid. The document itself says ‘and cause for grounds of an annulment’, now that’s something that his attorney came up with, not mine.

Why do you say the prenup isn’t valid? Did you not read it all? What about it isn’t valid?

PS: I was able to read the pages that were presented to me, I was not able to read the pages that were added after I signed it. Yeah, certain things I didn’t know about.

Typically when you have a legal document like that, you have to initial beside the clauses on each page.

PS: You hit the nail right on the head. You certainly do, and if you don’t initial it, usually it’s just not initialed. But in cases where you have people who operate with power and money, and who are used to getting what they want, however they want, and it will be done however they want it to be done, if you don’t take the steps to initial, I guess they’re just going to do it for you, and that’s what happened in my case, without my knowledge.

You’re saying that not only were pages added after the fact, but your initials were forged?

PS: Oh absolutely.

I would imagine this would be impossible to prove 14 years later, but that is the route she is taking. Hopefully this all comes to a conclusion sooner rather than later, so she and Deion can move on.