Police Report of Alleged Rape of Woman by Two Texas Longhorn Players


Case McCoy Rape

Earlier today we reported on two Texas Longhorn players had been accused of sexually assaulting a young woman while they prepared to play in the Alamo Bowl.

We believe those players to be QB Case McCoy &  LB Jordan Hicks.  Mack Brown has suspended to the two players for “violating team rules”.  According to the police report the suspects are a 20-year-old black man 6-2, 235, and a 21-year-old white man who is 6-0, 180.  Deadspin points out on the Texas Longhorn official page Hicks is listed as 6-2, 235 and McCoy 6-0, 180, so this is probably not a coincidence.

Here is what the woman told the police.

The cop dispatched to the scene noted that the alleged victim “had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and was crying alongside her friend.” The alleged victim said she had four drinks. The alleged victim also said she didn’t remember exactly what happened, but that she met the two men at at a nightclub and then went with them to a bar at her hotel, after which she brought them to her room.

The alleged victim told police, “I feel ashamed saying this, but I know [REDACTED] was in me. [REDACTED] just stood there and watched. I don’t quite remember.”

Here is the official police report.


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Unfortunately, these stories happen often. The young woman was drunk, so it is hard to determine who is telling the truth.  Rape is a serious crime, so regardless of her state of mind if she didn’t want to have sex you have to respect that, but on the flip side if she can’t remember what happened, how can her word be trusted over the players?

Lesson to be learned here is not don’t get so drunk you have a problem remembering things and don’t go back to a man’s room you just met at a nightclub at 4 am.

As for men if you see a woman is drunk, just don’t do it.  Why take the chance of something being interpreted wrong or taking advantage of a woman who obviously isn’t thinking clearly.

Just don’t do it.


  1. why is she staying in a hotel in SA for the game? who is she? Why would you bring two grown men back to your hotel room at 4 am? what did you think was going to happen?

  2. , but that she met the two men at at a nightclub and then went with them to a bar at her hotel, after which she brought them to her room.
    ______________________________________________________________________All 3 went back to HER room not the room of the players.The thing about these rape ACCUSATIONS is the presence of alcohol.
    I don’t believe you can get a woman or anyone drunk.Women drink because they want to.If a guy offers to buy you a drink,if you’re into the guy,DON’T ACCEPT THE OFFER. No ones obligated to do anything.
    It’s easy for a woman to scream rape after a night of drinking.Funny thing,a lotta women say their one night stands were due to them being drunk.

  3. She doesn’t remember “anything” but she remembers having (at least) 4 drinks, she remembers meeting them at a nightclub, going to a bar, and BRINGING them to HER room.

    These situations are too serious to make a blind comment. We need more details.

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