Raiders DT Tommy Kelly Admits to Trying to Hurt Cam Newton During Sunday’s Game

It looks like Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly is going to be the star of this week’s episode of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”  Per (via the Associated Press), Kelly spoke to reporters after Oakland’s 17-6 loss to the Panthers and said that Oakland was intent on knocking Panthers quarterback Cam Newton out of the game after Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer left the contest with an injury.  “You take our guy out, we’re going to go and try to take your guy out,” Kelly said after the game.  “We’re not out to hurt anybody, but when that happens…”

Those of us who played football at any point in our lives understand what Kelly was trying to say, and it should be noted that Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was penalized for the hit that put Palmer on the sideline.  However, in a post-bountygate NFL, Kelly should have exercised a little more discretion with his comments if wanted to avoid the fine that is probably coming his way from the league office.  Hey, at least he kept it real though.

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