Reggie Wayne: Colts are Too Young to Rest


Regardless of the result this coming Sunday against the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts will be the 5th seed for the playoffs.

One might think, that with nothing to gain it might be best for the team to rest players and prevent injuries as they prepare for their first playoff game.

If receiver Reggie Wayne has it his way, that will not be the case.

Per Indianapolis Star: “We’re too young to rest,” Wayne said. “We probably need to put everybody out there and have them continue to play. I don’t think we can afford (to rest). I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m built to play.”

I certainly understand Reggie’s premise and it’s hard to argue.

But, you want to be at full strength for the playoffs. Don’t want to lose a key piece to an injury by playing in a meaningless game.